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Vehicle is driven on to the skid and then secured to place for motorcycle shipping.  


This motorcycle has completed its tie down and is ready to be loaded on the enclosed transport carrier. Even though up to seventy bikes can be loaded onto single truck damage is extremely rare because only the pallet that the bike is secured to ever touches the inside of the truck. These specially designed pallets can be easily loaded by forklift and separate the bikes from each other to prevent any damage of any kind. Though some motorcycle transport companies use pallets others may have bolts attached to the inside of the carrier floor where the tie downs would be strapped. Both methods get the job done and get your motorcycle to its delivery location safely. - Vehicle Shipping Directory.

Find and get Free Quotes from multiple Car Transport, Motorcycle Shipping and Vehicle Shipping companies. Shipping your motorcycle in an enclosed shipping trailer will keep your vehicle safe from thieves or damage from rain and snow. Worldwide vehicle shipping is also available at discounted price rates. Check our homepage to get the latest vehicle transport price quote. You don’t need to worry about your luxury motorcycle or automobile, your car is protected when you ship with a auto transport company from our site.

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