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Below is an example of an actual lead

*The name, phone and email in the below auto transport lead were substituted for privacy purposes. All auto transport leads will be e-mailed to you 7 days a week. For other ways to receive our automobile transportation leads please speak to our service representative.

-------------START OF VEHICLE SHIPPING E-MAIL----------
Below is the result of your feedback requested rate quote form from car transporters. The quote request was submitted by
(customer name) on Wednesday, December 17, 2008 at 10:37:16

Customer Name: John Smith

Telephone number: 555-555-4768

Work Phone number: 555-555-2371


Vehicle Make, model, Year: mercedes s500 2007

Transport From city: new york city

Auto Transport From state: New York

Transporting To city: miami

Car Transporting To state: Florida

Auto Transportation month: January

Transportation day: 14

Transport service year: 2008

Additional information for car transporters: Hello, This car will require enclosed car transport service, vehicle shipping date is not that important. I just purchased this car and want to make sure it arrives clean and looking showroom new.

-----------------------END OF E-MAIL-----------------------------

Remember the above was just one example of an auto transport lead. Different people will put in other information and have to ship a vehicle to and from different destinations.

What you should notice in the auto transport lead.

1) The lead's E-mail month date and time is provided at top of every car shipping lead. This is to ensure you that you are reseving fresh auto transport leads daily. All vehicle shipping leads are e-mailed 7 days a week.

2) All customer contact information is provided, name, phone, alternate phone, email address.

3) Detailed automobile shipping information such as vehicle model, make and year are noted on each lead.

4) Departure and car transport destination are listed from both city and state on all leads. International car shipping will list the country.

5) Lastly, an "additional information" field is provided for the customer to inform the car transporters of any requests or other information that their vehicle may need. This is an optional field on all leads and an individual may leave it blank.

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